CSC 301 Spring 2024

Welcome to the Spring 2024 section(s) of Computer Science 301 Analysis of Algorithms

I will try to keep the Syllabus and Slides updated. This website is a work in progress, but it should contain the necessary information for the course.

Course Syllabus:
Edits: Week 3 Greedy algorithms should be chapter 15 not 16
Trees are being moved after the break
Midterm will be released Tuesday March 05 by request and due Wednesday March 13
Homework 5 will be due Wednesday March 13
Readings for Week 7 (week before break) can be found at the end of the schedule
Office Hours are Wed/Fri 1-2:45pm (ish)

Class 27-1 has the grade matrix bubble sheet explanation

Focus on the topic not the reading, the chapters changed around a lot

Class Slides:
I’ve been asked to post slides before class. I’m willing to do so as long as you use the slides to follow along, and not to look up the answers during discussions. If you notice typos, please let me know.


Token Opportunities:

CS Table Tuesdays at noon
Scholars’ Convocation Thursdays at 11pm
CS Extras Thursdays at 4pm
Mentor Sessions! Please do not submit these, I get a report with attendees and will automatically increase your tokens accordingly.

Week 1:
03 Feb 1pm: Swim Meet
04 Feb 9am and 4pm: Tennis Match (home)

Week 2:
09 Feb 7:30-9pm Harris Lunar New Year Event
10 Feb 10am: Home Track and Field Meet

Week 3:
Feb 16 5pm: Artist Salon (Stewart Gallery, downtown near the post office)
Feb 16-18: Conference Swim Meet. 9 sessions. Can earn 1 token per session (if you attend for at least 1 hour)
Feb 18 5:30pm: Lunar New Year Celebration at Main Quad

Week 8:
Friday April 05: Baseball at 4pm
Saturday April 06: Tennis at 9am and 3pm
Saturday April 06: Baseball at 12pm and 3pm

Week 9:
Monday April 08 Noon Bucksbaum Rotunda: Art Activism